Alpha Pups Win Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

Over a span of four days, from November 12-15, the first Ultimate Frisbee tournament, hosted by the Ultimate Frisbee club in partnership with ASB, pitched team against team in order to promote the spirit and enthusiasm surrounding frisbee.

During the competition, besides typical frisbee regulations, teams had to include two girls and five boys on the field; one substitute was required to be active on the sidelines at all times.

Although the weather remained fairly constant throughout the course of the tournament, the wind started to pick up on Friday during the course of the semi-finals and finals.

Notably during the semi-finals, Frisbeasts beat the Hooligans, led by seniors Konrad Niemiec and Dane Tippett, both captains of the Ultimate Frisbee Club.

In the finals between Frisbeasts and Alpha Pups, competition was fierce with the first couple of minutes displaying an overwhelming show of defense on both sides. The score stalled at 0-0 until one of the players on Alpha Pups, senior Alex Liua, scored and clinched the lead.

In a decisive turn of events, one of Frisbeasts’ leading scorers, sophomore Harrison Beck, twisted his ankle and was forced to retire. This allowed the Alpha Pups to solidify their lead.

Alpha Pups won 5-2, ultimately claiming the title of Ultimate Frisbee Champions.