All-faculty team wins dodgeball tournament for the first time


Sam Stein

All-faculty team “Raffo been dodgin balls since ’04” took the victory in the annual Los Altos High School Dodgeball tournament yesterday during lunch. This marks the first ever all-faculty team to win the tournament.

Yesterday during lunch, the all-faculty dodgeball team “Raffo been dodgin balls since ‘04” was crowned the victor of the annual Los Altos High School dodgeball tournament in a climatic win over junior and senior team “Balls.” While most of the team are veterans of the game, this is the first all-faculty team to win an LAHS dodgeball tournament.

After a fervent four days of dodgeball, the 48-team bracket was reduced to four as freshman team “Ball of Duty” played “Raffo been dodgin balls since ‘04” in one semifinal match, and “Balls” played freshman team “Los Gigantes” in the other. But it was “Raffo been dodgin balls since ‘04” and “Balls” that came out of the semifinals unscathed and ready to battle it out in the championship game. With catches coming left and right, and neither team refusing to settle quickly, the game was close. The audience was loud, and the faculty’s own fan section did not disappoint. Ultimately, the all-faculty team defeated the juniors and seniors, taking a decisive 2-0 victory.

While the dodgeball tournament did serve to show staff superiority, it was ultimately a breath of fresh air for many after the pandemic. With spectators cheering and loud music echoing through the large gym, Los Altos’ school spirit shone through what has been a difficult year for attempts to increase school camaraderie.

“It’s good for school camaraderie,” P.E teacher Bryan Edwards said. “Especially coming off of the COVID year.”

“It brought a lot of people out, the energy was great,” P.E teacher and 4-year dodgeball champion Kieran Raffo said. “That made it even more fun. It just made the [school] feel alive.”

And for future teams: beware. “Raffo been dodgin balls since ‘04” has their sights set on another victory next year. The all-star teacher team is just getting started.