Administration Looking to Regulate Awards System This Year

The administration will be making changes to the system teachers use to distribute awards every Student Recognition Night, an annual ceremony that recognizes students for academic and general athletic achievement.

The changes will limit the number of awards handed out for each department.

“We are trying to create a more coordinated effort where fewer awards are given in a more meaningful manner,” Assistant Principal Cristy Dawson said.

In years past, the number of awards given out was not limited. While one department could give out 100 awards, another could give 30 – a process that may make some of the awards seem less important than others. Principal Wynne Satterwite, Dawson and department coordinators decided that controlling the number of awards handed out for each department would be a better alternative.

“Each department, based on total enrollment of the number of students in that department, basically choses a percentage of students to get awards for their department,” English teacher Keren Roberston said. “They can work within that limit and decide how to break that down.”