Administration Looks To Add Boys Volleyball Team

At LAHS, the administration has worked hard to ensure that the school provides students of both genders with access to a huge variety of sports teams. From wrestling to field hockey to soccer, students have many options.

However, the school is missing one team that students and parents alike are now advocating for–boys volleyball.

“This a pattern that happens, unfortunately, every year,” parent and team advocate Elizabeth McDermott said. “It’s a real bummer when you get ready for high school and you are excited about your sport and it’s not available at the high school that you are going to.”

The girls volleyball team at LAHS has attracted regional attention to the high school. In the past few years, it has continued to find success at the CCS level, and has sent multiple players on to compete in NCAA programs. Despite this success on the girls side, the school has failed to adopt a boys team.

Last week, parents of prospective LAHS students met with athletic director Kim Cave to discuss the possibility of adding a boys volleyball team to the list of sports at the school. Cave said that the administration is willing to help support the program. However, certain concerns still need to be addressed–particularly gym availability and funds for the program.

“The reasons why we haven’t [adopted a team]–one is space,” Cave said. “The second is budget.”

Parents and students are willing to work to address these concerns, which they feel are a small price to pay for the potential benefits of a boys volleyball team. For the advocates, the number of students interested makes the effort worthwhile.

“We’ve got a good spreadsheet of interested students going, of current students and incoming freshmen as well,” McDermott said.

The possible emergence of boys volleyball brings to mind another new sport at the high school–lacrosse. Two years ago, parents of lacrosse players worked together to fund and organize a team. Now in its third season, the team is currently undefeated in league and is well on its way to a league championship.

The lacrosse team’s success is applicable to the potential boys volleyball team in that given the opportunity, students will perform at the highest level.

“[We’re] very optimistic,” McDermott said. “We’ve got leads for coaches, and things are falling into place. We’re all very excited about it and the boys who want to play are excited too.”