Administration Changes Wait Time for Dropping AP Courses

This year the administration is allowing students to switch or drop AP courses after only one week instead of two weeks, as in previous years.

“Last year, we had a lot of changes going on after two weeks and we discussed how it possibly could be detrimental for the grades if the students stay in there [for] two weeks,” Assistant Principal Perla Pasallo said.

Although the mandatory two week period helped students get a better taste of the class, the length of the period caused many students to receive low grades that they had to carry over to their new classes. By shortening the wait time to one week, the administration and counseling department decided to make a compromise between the issue of grades and commitment to chosen courses, hoping that the change would be beneficial to the student body.

“If [students] have made a decision that they thought that would be perfect for them, and now it isn’t, they can change it,” Pasallo said.