Adele’s “Hello” Deviates from Past Jazz Style

Since the release of the Album “21” in 2010, and the release of her single, “Skyfall,” in 2012, Adele has not released a song in three years. She finally emerged from her musical hiatus on October 25, with the release of her new single, “Hello.” With the release, Adele also announced her new album, “25,” which drops on November 20. As to be expected from Adele’s dramatic re-emergence, the music video for “Hello” blew up online as soon as it was published, garnering 27.7 million views and breaking Taylor Swift’s previously held record for most views in a day.

The song focuses on Adele’s attempts to talk to her ex-boyfriend. Her lyrics, such as “I’m in California dreaming about who we used to be/When we were younger and free,” deal with the falling-out of a relationship rather than the outcomes of a break-up, a theme previously seen in Adele’s groundbreaking “Rolling in the Deep.”

Adele’s vocals shine in the song’s chorus, and she reminds listeners of her powerful voice and melismatic style, drawing out lines like “Hello from the other side/At least I can say that I tried.” Despite the somewhat mediocre, even repetitive, melody, Adele’s commanding and dramatic vocal powers securely encapsulate the song and make it prominent its own. She manages to combine both a catchy tune that sticks in your head with a powerful ballad that makes you want to sing along, resulting in a song that is intensely emotional as well as incredibly easy to sing along with.

Whereas some of Adele’s past hits like “Rolling in the Deep” and “Rumor Has It” presented a jazzier sound similar to the likes of Amy Winehouse, the melody of “Hello” seems more akin to a Katy Perry. While there is no doubt that “Hello” offers a more complex and meaningful experience than any other pop song, it cannot be said that it lives up to Adele’s preceding music. The highlight of the song is clearly Adele’s signature, distinctive voice, not the melody that strays from her previous swinging blues tone. The song’s success is due less to the quality of the song than the wild excitement over Adele’s return to her musical career.

Overall, Adele’s new song “Hello” diverges away from her past jazz resonance and blends into a new pop melody. Exciting to some, disappointing for others, there is no denying Adele’s shining and talented vocals are the main interest of the song. Although the song is not quite up to par with its predecessors, Adele’s new single “Hello” still stands as a giant amongst other recent popular releases.