Ada Chung Crafts One-of-a-Kind Charms


Photo by Emily Aronovitz.

A miniature waffle cone topped with strawberry ice cream, a tiny smiling Pikachu, and a shiny pink turtle with an orange shell rest on sophomore Ada Chung’s fingertips on her business’s Instagram. Ada sells intricate handmade jewelry and charms through her Etsy store Bunnyful Boutique. She carefully crafts a wide variety of intricate designs using polymer clay, a type of modeling clay that is commonly used to create various crafts.

“These pieces of fun jewelry are all hand sculpted individually with love,” Ada wrote on her Etsy page. “I have been working with polymer clay since 2010, and I am a self taught polymer clay sculptor. I hope that by creating my own store more people can enjoy the happiness and joy that these cute charms bring many others.”

Ada decided to sell her polymer clay jewelry and charms at the Egan Holiday Faire, which inspired her to create Bunnyful Boutique. Students and adults alike asked her if she had an online store. The popularity of her charms at the holiday faire and her passion for photography prompted her to create an Instagram page dedicated to her charms.

“I started an Instagram page for [my homemade charms], and I didn’t think it would be very popular, so I didn’t expect a lot of people to like it, but a lot of people kept asking me whether or not I was selling them,” Ada said.

Her Instagram quickly gained followers, many of whom requested she sell her charms. Initially hesitant to pay a listing fee on Etsy, Ada started selling the charms on Storenvy.

“You can’t give up,” Ada said. “When I started on Storenvy and there was only one sale after a couple of months, of course I was kind of sad about that, but I thought, ‘Maybe I should just keep going and see what customers actually like and just keep pursuing it.”

Ada decided to continue selling her charms and decided to pay the listing fee to sell on Etsy, a much more popular e-commerce website. As of today, Bunnyful Boutique has sold hundreds of charms, has over 7,100 followers on Instagram and 94 people have rated it as their favorite shop on Etsy.

“I’ve had orders from quite of few places outside of the U.S.,” Ada said. “I was kind of scared at first shipping them out because I get worried that they’re going to get lost, but I shipped one to the UK once, and one to Singapore, and one to Sweden.”

Ada prices her unique handmade charms from $6 to $12 and donates 10% of her revenue to charity.

“Looking at the reviews of people who’ve reviewed my shop is the most gratifying experience,” Ada said. “It makes me really happy to see that they’ve enjoyed something that I’ve made.”