A Step in the Right Direction Club Hosts Hot Chocolate Sale

A Step in the Right Direction Club hosted a hot chocolate sale before school today, January 23. The club sold hot chocolate for $1 a cup near the student parking lot and the administrative offices.

“We thought it’d be nice because it’s kind of cold outside and it’s something different from the usual bake sale after school,” President junior Michelle Albright said.

The club, chartered halfway through first semester, supports a group of doctors who travel to other countries, primarily Vietnam. The doctors perform foot surgeries on children and people living in rural areas who otherwise can’t afford treatment. The money raised from the sale pays the doctors for their work and also allows them to purchase necessities for the surgeries, such as medical supplies. So far, the club has only been established at LAHS.

“Because we’re teenagers, the biggest thing we can do is to raise money right now, which is going to support the doctors so they don’t have to do as much work,” Michelle said.

The club decided to sell its hot chocolate both before and after school, and brought in a total of $82.60.