A Site Worth Seeing: FunnyorDie.com

“In a month or so I feel like the site is going to look like that guy you know in high school whip put a chin-up bar in his bedroom door frame during the summer between junior and senior year: unexpectedly hot.”

Surprisingly, this is not a just a random quote from a random guy creating another random website. These are the words from a blog posted on the video website of FunnyorDie.com made by the creators of the site. While the site has the general ideas of other video sites, such as voting and viewing, the catch is that FunnyorDie.com has celebrities.

FunnyorDie.com was not founded by a company, but by Will Ferrell and his friends Adam McKay and Chris Henchy. Along with some Silicon Valley friends, they worked with the idea of creating a new comedy site truly dedicated to comedy, one that was easy to view and vote so that funny videos could last forever for everyone to see.

On the front page, one can see numerous videos ready to be watched and ranked. However, unlike other sites, FunnyorDie.com takes it to the next level. The right side of the page lets the creators of the site have a little action of their own. One can see their favorite movies from the site as well as their blogs where they keep track of interesting and regular events from their personal life.

Also, a little surprise awaits the viewer at the top of the page in red letters. This is a quote from one of the videos, and if clicked on, it takes one to that specific video.

What makes this website’s ranking system unique is its names. The highest rating is the Chosen Ones. These videos cannot be voted on and will “live” forever on the site. The next levels are Immortal Walking Tall, Kinda Cute, Uh-Oh and the Crypt. It’s simple: the higher the rank, the longer it lives. In addition to these levels, there are also customary categories such as Hot Right Now, Most Viewed, Most Recent, Most Favorited and Highest Rank.

The Landlord (Chosen Ones section): Starring Will Ferrell and his daughter, this hilarious clip is about how the landlord, his toddler daughter comes to the house to get her rent money from him. Watching the swear words come out of her mouth and her carrying beer makes one wonder how Will could ever make his daughter do that.

Bloopers (Hot Right Now section): This sequence of clips shows the horrible but hysterical mess-ups or falls of sports halftime performers such as cheerleaders or band members. After watching, one will rethink doing anything in front of an audience.