A Search for Meaning: Trick Flair Drip


By Gialon Kasha, Guest Writer

The rapper Offset, born Kiari Kendrell Cephus, lives up to his namesake in one of his more recent songs, “Ric Flair Drip.” In it, he discusses how happiness stems from the practice of love and appreciation, rather than the perceived unidirectionality of satisfaction.

Offset begins the chorus by stating that he is “going to the jeweler, [to] bust the AP, yeah (bust it.)” The literal meaning of this line is that he is going to the jeweler to add diamonds and other enhancements to his Audemars Piguet watch, one of extravagant value. But exactly why does Offset really say this? Surely not to flex, as that would be braggadocious and not at all consistent with the more conscious and humbled personality of Offset.

We find our intuition to be proven correct by the third line in the chorus, where he states that he is “tryna f*** you and your bestie, yeah (hey.)” Just like that, it clicks. What Offset is doing here is essentially hitting us with a 1-2 ideological combo. He first lowers the defenses of our minds by introducing “Ric Flair Drip” as your typical shallow rap song about materialistic goods, then thrusts his veracious ideals into our vulnerable minds. Offset is, in essence, trying to convey the myriad of love that he has to offer the world. He realizes that it is not only selfish, but also unrealistic to contain this love within only himself. Therefore, he needs to share it with not just his significant other, but also her friend. His desire for sex is therefore due to the kindliness of his heart.

Offset, with this thematic message in mind, drives forwards into later lines of the chorus, stating that “Ric Flair drip, go ‘woo’ on a b**** (woo).” The repeating “woo” refrain in this is, rather overtly, Offset’s way of expressing the feelings he has for the world. Only positive ones.

In an ocean of materialism, misogyny and violence, Offset serves to literally offset the entire mainstream rap industry through his own messages of peace, love and positivity. Too often do members of contemporary society get caught up in the limited definition of success and the fallacy of a one-directional path towards happiness that is validated by material objects.

While “Ric Flair Drip” appears to be just another rap song, it is in actuality a psychological weapon of love. Offset teaches us to love the things that make up the world, not the things that the world makes. In doing so, he hopes to create a better world for this generation and the ones that are to follow.