5 for 5: Economic (Weekday) Lunches Costing a Maximum of 5 Dollars

Monday: Tina’s Kusina

A hole-in-the-wall Filipino restaurant, Tina’s Kusina is located on the corner of Hope Street and Dana Street in Mountain View. The restaurant has have plate lunches for only $4.50 and offer a variety of meals including chicken, pork, beef and fish. All dishes come with rice and vegetables on the side, and for desert, they have fried bananas for only $0.80.

Conveniently located on a street corner, it is easy to find and has its own parking spaces. The workers treat the customers in a very friendly manner.

Tuesday: Burger Town

Located off of San Antonio Road by downtown Los Altos, Burger Town is easy to get to during lunch. On the outside, the place itself looks a bit run-down, but once you get inside it feels like any other burger restaurant.

Despite its slightly deceiving appearance, the hamburgers are amazing and the patties have a really distinct flavoring. The best part is that a quarter pounder is only $3.65 and a half pounder is $4.65. Fries are optional and cost an extra $1.89, but the real stand-out is the burger itself.

Wednesday: Ranch 99

Not a traditional “restaurant,” Ranch 99 is in fact a Chinese grocery store on Grant Road in Mountain View.

Inside the grocery store is an entire deli section filled with dim sum. Dim sum, a Chinese version of Spanish tapas, is generally rather costly. However, at Ranch 99, students can get three pieces of dim sum for $2.20, about one-half the cost elsewhere. The deli is self-serve, so food arrives promptly. There is also a seating area inside the grocery store where students can eat and drink complimentary tea.

Thursday: Ace of Sandwiches

A sandwich store located at 3864 El Camino Real in Palo Alto, Ace of Sandwiches offers a fresh variety of lunch options. It has a huge selection of original sandwiches, speciality sandwiches, panini sandwiches and wraps. The Ace-a-dilla Panini is one of the cheapest items on the menu but is very tasty and worth the $3.99.

The store has a quaint and personal, and its sandwiches are known to be gourmet with high-end ingredients. Ace of Sandwiches offers a unique and delicious sandwich option.

Friday: Lukoki

Lukoki is a Hawaiian BBQ in the San Antonio Shopping Center in Mountain View. From the surfboard-decor on the walls to the Hawaiian music playing in the background, it almost feels like a short vacation to the islands.

Recommended are the spam musubi for $2.25 and macaroni salad for $1.50, both of which are traditional Hawaiian dishes not usually found in California. For the cheap price, the food is surprisingly tasty and authentic, and a definite must visit during lunchtime.