Anti-Asian hate crime resources

Note: This editorial is part of an ongoing collaborative effort between The Talon and other student publications in the Bay Area. We will be releasing a full statement soon.

In recent months, we’ve seen a horrific rise in anti-Asian hate crimes. We offer the following resources to educate yourself and find ways to empower, protect and amplify voices in the AAPI community. 

Where can I find more information?

Anti-Asian hate crimes increased by nearly 150% in 2020, mostly in N.Y. and L.A., new report says” from NBC

There were 3,800 anti-Asian racist incidents, mostly against women, in past year” from NBC

The long history of anti-Asian hate in America, explained” from Vox

Asian-Americans Are Being Attacked. Why Are Hate Crime Charges So Rare?” from The New York Times

700 Anti-Asian Hate Incidents Reported in Bay Area During Pandemic – True Figures Might Be Even Worse” from KQED 

The long history of racism against Asian Americans in the U.S.” from PBS 

As virus-era attacks on Asians rise, past victims look back” from Associated Press

EXPLAINER: Why Georgia attack spurs fears in Asian Americans from Associated Press

Bystander Resources from hollaback!

Where can I donate?

Hyung Jung Grant (née Kim)

Suncha Kim

Paul Michels

Soon Chung Park

Xiaojie “Emily” Tan

Delaina Ashley Yaun Gonzalez

Yong Ae Yue

Elcias Hernandez Ortiz (cover medical bills)

Asian Pacific Fund 

What can I petition for?

Raising Awareness & Ending Hate Crimes Towards the Asian Community via

Add Asian American history in school textbooks via

Who can I call and email?

California Senior Senator Dianne Feinstein

  • Twitter: @SenFeinstein
  • San Francisco office
    • One Post Street, Suite 2450
    • Phone: (415) 393-0707
    • Fax: (415) 393-0710
  • Washington D.C. office
    • 331 Hart Senate Office Building
    • Phone: (202) 224–3841
    • Fax: (202) 228–3954
    • TTY/TDD: (202) 224–2501

California Junior Senator Alex Padilla

  • Twitter: @SenAlexPadilla
  • San Francisco office
    • 333 Bush Street, Suite 3225
    • Phone: (415) 981–9369  
  • Washington D.C. office
    • 112 Hart Senate Office Building
    • Washington, DC 20510
    • Phone: (202) 224–3553
    • Fax: (202) 224–2200

California 18th District Representative Anna Eshoo

  • Twitter: @RepAnnaEshoo
  • District office
    • 698 Emerson Street
    • Phone: (650) 323–2984, (408) 245–2339 or (831) 335–2020
    • Fax: (650) 323–3498
  • Washington D.C. office
    • 272 Cannon House Office Building
    • Phone: (202) 225–8104
    • Fax: (202) 225–8890

Governor Gavin Newsom

Where can I protest? 

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