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  • City Council Enacts Minimum Wage Increase

    City Council Enacts Minimum Wage Increase

    Cameron Avery and Ross Avery

    October 20, 2016

    Starting next year, minimum wage workers in Los Altos will have a little more to bring home each day. On September 27, the Los Altos City Council voted 4-1 to pass an ordinance that will result in a substantial, city-wide increase on the minimum wage from the current $11.00 per hour. Starting on January 1, 2017, the minimum wage will increase to $12.00 per hour. That amount will be raised incrementally for the next several years, reaching $13.50... READ MORE »»

    Senior Mikayla Marrin works at Tin Pot Creamery in Los Altos downtown for 15 to 20 hours a week. The new minimum wage increase will increase wages from $11.00 to $12.00 per hour in January 1, 2017, and will continue to rise in following years. Photo by Yolanda Spura.

  • Revamped Multivariable Calculus Offers College Experience

    Revamped Multivariable Calculus Offers College Experience

    Javin Pombra, Staff Wrter

    October 20, 2016

    Since its inception three years ago, Los Altos has offered Multivariable Calculus in fluctuating circumstances. When last year’s teacher Daniel Borklund left Los Altos, it seemed to many prospective students that Multivariable would not be offered this year. “As far as I was concerned, I didn’t think we would even have a teacher when we got our schedules,”  senior Richard Wang said. “It’s just hard to find a teacher who teaches Multi... READ MORE »»

    Multivariable Calculus teacher Douglas Lublin lectures students about vector operations. This year, Multivariable was revamped to look more like a college course that students would take in the future. Photo by Andrew Young.

  • Mastering Mindfulness: Teachers Learn to Destress

    Mastering Mindfulness: Teachers Learn to Destress

    Danny Vesurai, Staff Writer

    October 20, 2016

    The smell of popcorn fills the air in room 406 as the lights dim and “Casablanca” loads on the projector. Before starting the classic, Film Analysis teacher Susana Herrera instructs her class to close their eyes. The students go quiet, already accustomed to this routine after two months of school. As kernels pop in the background, students take deep breaths and try to ignore their surroundings, and the atmosphere relaxes. After a minute of sil... READ MORE »»

    Senior Chris Carter meditates in Film Analysis while students color in zen coloring books and meditate around him. Film Analysis teacher Susana Herrera began the "mindful minutes" practice this year in an attempt to help her students cope better with stress. Photo by Michael Sieffert.

  • Dafna’s Delights

    Dafna’s Delights

    Jessica King, Savita Govind, Adrienne Mitchel, and Thara Salim

    October 18, 2016

    On weekdays, Counselor Dafna Adler can be found in the computer lab at room P-16, working with students. But on the weekends, she can be found whipping up sweet confections in her kitchen and posting her results to her baking blog, Stellina Sweets. Writers from the Talon have tried out some of her recipes, and you can read here about the results, along with tips from Adler herself. If you'd like to browse the blog, check it out at Blackout Cake Recipe: READ MORE »»

    Jessica King

Leadership Class Promotes Wellness

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Free the Millennials From Age-Old Beliefs

Our world is comprised of about 75.4 million millennials and here in the United States, the numbers are increasing with the flood of immigrants. The millennial generation is c...  Read More »

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Los Altos Overcomes Paly in Annual Dig Pink Game

Pink and white balloons lined the large gym on Thursday, October 13, before the annual Dig Pink game against Palo Alto. The Dig Pink game serves as a fundraiser for the Side-out Foundation, which aims to research stage 4 ...  Read More »

Girls Tennis Starts Season Off Strong

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Soaring Eagle: Kate Carlson

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Boys Water Polo Sets High Bar for Achievement

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Emma’s Dilemma: #Grumpkin

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The student news site of Los Altos High School in Los Altos, California
The student news site of Los Altos High School in Los Altos, California