Students Create Mobile Application

Seniors Ashwin Vaidyanathan and Jason Leong first created Double Dash for the hackathon, and, after their fifth place finish, they decided to continue developing their app. The Talon explores their app below, in...  Read More »

Warriors Bring Another Championship to Bay Area

The city of Cleveland, Ohio currently holds the record for longest title drought in American sports. Since the Cleveland Browns won the NFL Championship in 1964 (yes, that’s right, this was before the Super Bowl existed),...  Read More »

Native American Mascot Debate Requires More Research

For decades, there has been a push in sports to remove mascots and names that are deemed offensive, especially those that are based off of Native American people, history...  Read More »

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First Generation: Sasha Kozhevnikova

Sophomore Sasha Kozhevnikova distinctly remembers her first few days of pre-school in the United States after moving to California from Moscow, Russia. With little to no skill...  Read More »

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