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Counting Crows Flock Back to Same Old Style in Album

Doug Sangster, Staff Writer

May 2, 2008

The Counting Crows are back with a new album, “Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings.” There are 14 new songs and while some are great, many fall short of fans’ expectations. A positive aspect of the album is the variety. Ev...

The Day Tripper’s Guide to the Bay

Jeff Liu, Managing Editor

May 2, 2008

Los Altos is considered by many to be a “bedroom community.” It exudes quiet, peacefulness and for many of the high schoolers in the area, sheer and utter boredom. Though cruising the high-end boutiques and specialty shops d...

Teacher, There is a Car at the Bottom of Our Pool

Dieter Jourbert, Business Manager

May 2, 2008

Throughout the years, several senior pranks have been pulled. With seniors starting to think about prom and graduation and possibly pulling a prank of their own, The Talon looks at the best and the worst of senior pranks in the l...

The Baer Necessities

Stephanie Baer, Content Editor

May 2, 2008

For the past three years, I have spent my spring break in Mexico. Now I know what you’re thinking: tanning on hot beaches, staying in luxurious coastal hotels, being waited on hand and foot. But no, I’m talking about real Me...

Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?: A Review

Rashul Kishor, Issues Editor/Webmaster

May 2, 2008

All the great quests start with a question. This one starts with “Where in the world is Osama bin Laden?” but the bigger question is whether Morgan Spurlock, famed director and star of “Super Size Me,” is the man to find ...

Movie Theaters Revealed: From Movie Shacks to Palaces

Lauren Ilano, Copy Editor

May 2, 2008

Movie magic on-screen is supposed to be what makes movies special, but the movie theater itself plays a crucial role in the enjoyment of the movie-going experience. There are many theaters in the area, but not all of them are p...

Studio Art AP V: Students Channel Inner Artists

Kelly Wang, Staff Writer

March 25, 2008

Katherine Zeborowski, senior When senior Katherine Zeborowski was little, her aunt taught her how to sign and date everything she drew for when she becomes famous. It has been many years since then, and Katherine has definite...

‘Helvetica’ Font Celebrated in Documentary Film

Claire Bedard, Senior Writer

March 25, 2008

If someone started talking about ascenders, ligatures, serifs and spines, many people would have no idea how to react. The language is associated with typography: in layman’s terms, font design. People digest a lot of text in an average day...

The Baer Necessities: From Duckling to Duckling

Stephanie Baer, Content Editor

March 25, 2008

Remember bedtime stories? When I was little, my dad read to me, my brother and my sister every night. Along with the usual nursery rhymes, Dr. Seuss and Berenstain Bears stories were my favorite books of all time: “Make Way ...

Fro Yo and Gelato at ‘Gelayo Gusto’ is Coolio

Ancy Dow, Staff Writer

March 25, 2008

I scream, you scream, we all scream because plain old ice cream just gets boring. Fortunately, the new Gelayo Gusto provides another cool, mouth-watering alternative to ice cream in time for the warming weather. The Gelayo Gu...

Film Festival on the Horizon

Shefali Luthra, Staff Writer

March 25, 2008

For seniors taking Film Analysis, the nightmare of essaying is a thing of the past. These students instead write, direct and produce films, which will be shown at the school’s annual film festival. Grayson Carr and Chris Fung Grayson and Chris ar...

American Idol Has a Talented Season 7

Meaghan Whitehorn, Staff Writer

March 25, 2008

“My attitude is, if someone is going to criticize me, tell me to my face,” said Simon Cowell, one of the hosts of American Idol. Well, who knows if people criticize Simon, but he definitely criticizes the wannabe singers ...

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