Witty Ways to Ask That Special Someone to Be Your Valentine

Fuzzy pink teddy bears, bouquets of red roses heart-shaped chocolates and cheesy poems: Suppressing a gag on Valentine’s Day can be a difficult feat. Here are some original ideas on how to ask someone to be your Valentine without being cliché.

Puzzle Master
If you’re the type of person who enjoys solving math problems, then this is the perfect way to give someone a Valentine. Buy a 50-piece puzzle and solve it. Pain (or Sharpie) on it the message of your choice, and then give it to that special someone for them to sole. When the recipient completes the puzzle, they will be pleasantly surprised by the hidden note.

Dentist Tricks
Type up a one-sentence message and cut it out so it is one skinny line. Find an old floss cartridge and wrap the sentence onto the the spool of the floss. Put the spool back in the container and give to the recipient, asking them, “Have you flossed today?” When they open the floss, they’ll be surprised to find a Valentine proposal!

Good Fortune
Go to fancyfortunecookies.com to personalize your very own fortune. In one week, your cookie will arrive with the special message for your recipient! If your person prefers chocolate, you can also find personalized Hershey Kisses online.

Hide inside the trunk of the recipient’s car, only if it’s big enough. When they go to open their trunk, pop out with some flowers (handpicked flowers are most effective). It is preferable if you jump out in a scandalous outfit: For guys, Speedos are perfect.

Singing Quarter
Change lyrics to a song or write your own song asking someone to be your Valentine. Dress up wit a couple of friends and sing the song to him or her in the middle of class or in the middle of the quad. This is especially effective if you are vocally challenged, and remember, the cornier the better.