Sky Billboard Catches Students’ Attention

Today, September 9, students in open areas during lunch may have noticed a curious advertisement in the sky. The message stated, “WIN 1000 CASH SKYTYPERS.COM.”

A visit to is greeted by a banner with the company’s name and description, “The Original Sky Billboard since 1932.” The banner once again advertises their free cash sweepstakes. Clicking on the link to the sweepstakes page brings up a form asking for a name, zip code, email address and date of birth.

The company, Skytypers, started out advertising for Pepsi-Cola and has since employed their dot matrix-like printing technique to advertise during the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, multiple Superbowl games, Macy’s parades, and 4th of July celebrations in New York and over the White House. They are most notable for advertising with Geico insurance.

This type of advertisement was seen last year when a rival company, AirSign, wrote the first 314 characters of pi above the Bay Area.