Haiti Solidarity Club Holds Rummage Sale

The Haiti Solidarity Club held a Rummage Sale at the school on Saturday, March 30.  The club raised $3,200 from the sale, which is to be taken to Haiti in June.  Rummage such as clothing, sports equipment and even some furniture were sold at the sale and there were enough donations that the entire cafeteria and part of the back room was filled with the rummage.

The items that were not sold were taken to Goodwill.  This sale was a big success as the club was able to raise almost $500 more than last year’s sale.

“It is so exciting to see how a couple hours of work can make a difference as the money will be brought to Haiti directly on the upcoming trip in June,” senior co-president Amanda Spielman said. “What we have accomplished as a club this year is tremendous and I can only hope our future fundraisers will continue to be successful.”