Girls Softball Falls to Homestead 2-11

With the possibility of taking third place in the new upper division, the girls softball team has exceeded expectations for this season. Yet despite the successes, the team lost 2-11 to Homestead High School yesterday, May 2.

“We made a lot of errors and it cost us runs,” Captain senior Tianna Vasquez said. “It helped them and [their] runs were completely unearned.”

Nevertheless, the season as a whole has been a great success. After winning leagues last year, the team had to revamp its structure. It not only moved up a division but also adjusted to the loss of last year’s pitcher, Ali Goldberg ‘12, who currently plays for Occidental College.

“It was a little shaky at first but we’ve worked out almost all of the kinks,” Tianna said “Everyone participates, everyone contributes. There’s no one person who does it all. It’s always a team effort.”

However, the team faced a setback after center fielder sophomore Kaitlyn Schiffhauer developed tendonitis in her wrist and became incapable of playing. Kaitlyn led the team in stolen bases last season.

As of today, the team is tenth in the league. Regardless of the setbacks from today’s loss and the absence of a star player, the team remains confident that it will make it to CCS.

“We’re probably going to finish third in league,” Tianna said. “That’s a huge deal because since we moved up last year, coaches and parents of other teams in this league have been saying, ‘They’re not going to make it that far, they’ll get fourth or fifth at best,’ so just surpassing everyone’s expectations really makes my senior year.”

The Eagles have two games left in the regular season. The team’s Senior Night is next Thursday, May 9.