Fresh Batch of Teachers Joins Staff

Ten new teachers have been added to the school’s staff this year.

David Roberts
A freelance artist for 12 years, Roberts now teachers Photography I and Photography II. Roberts took the photography position at the school because he considers it to be a “golden opportunity when a darkroom teaching position is open.” Roberts feels “comfortable and welcomed” in his position.

Jonathan Kwan
Kwan teaches Survey of Composition and Literature and world Literature this year. Kwan believes that “English is ultimately about… finding your voice in writing.” Kwan likes the school’s outdoor campus and appreciates the diverse student body. Kwan also enjoys poetry, creating rubrics and “beat-boxing in the shower.”

Shelley Carranza
Self-dubbed “math enthusiast” Carranza teaches Geometry and Algebra I. Going onto her eighth year of teaching, Carranza considers her experience at the school thus far to be “really good.” Her only difficulty is the location of her classroom; it is “hard being in the back of the school because [she doesn’t] het to talk to the other teachers as much.”

Therese Ducharme
Ducharme teaches both Geometry 9 and math for CAHSEE. She believes learning “is about overcoming obstacles you create for yourself in your head,” a concept she links back to teaching. She always encourages her students to learn by breaking things down one step at a time. Ducharme is also attempting to learn to walk on her hands.

Patti Fambrini
Fambrini wanted to teach culinary arts in order to share her “knowledge of cooking and life skills.” Her only class is Culinary I and 2 (combined), and although she only teaches one period, Fambrini has “thoroughly enjoyed [her] two months here so far … especially when [she sees] the students progressing in the kitchen.” Fambrini also dreams of becoming the newest star on Food Network.

Rosa Mancilla
According to Mancilla, another new culinary arts teacher, cooking is “like being in heaven.” Her favorite part of teaching is “seeing the kids when they’re cooking, and they have that ‘Wow!’ moment.” Although Mancilla loves a variety of foods, her favorite dish is pasta.

Connor White
White teaches both Study Skills and Basic English 3. White decided to pursue a teaching career after working as a basketball coach and instructional assistant at the school the past four years. He was inspired to become a teacher by his memories of “great teachers in high school.”

John Felder
According to Civics teacher John Felder, it is important that students “develop a basic understanding of politics.” Felder has thoroughly enjoyed his stay at school and thinks that Camp Everytown is the “coolest thing [he has] done so far.”

Kimmie Marks
Marks teaches World Studies and Modern European History AP, as she believes “the study of people [is] fascination.” Marks particularly loves the students at the school, finding that they “have a really great balance between academics, extracurriculars, and other things that interest them.”

Mónica García
Born and raised in Ecuador, Mónica García has lived in both Italy and Spain and consequently feels comfortable teaching ELD II and Spanish I. García loves teaching and appreciates that the school “has so many opportunities for students to be involved.” She enjoys the company of other teachers, as they have been consistently “helpful and welcoming.”