Dodgeball Game of the Day (5/16): Cluck Dynasty vs. Dummy Fuh Buh

On the third day of dodgeball competition, we saw a number of very interesting games. Today, we’ve opted to cover a game of the day rather than a player of the day. On one hand and in a surprising turn of events, neither team KOMAJI or its opponents Catch You on the Flip Side won a game, leaving KOMAJI victorious by having more people at the end of the game.

On another note, heavy favorite Cluck Dynasty took on Dummy Fuh Buh, in what appeared to be a similar mismatch. It quickly developed to be the most exciting game of the day. As the match began Cluck Dynasty proved just why it is arguably the tournament favorite by taking game one with sheer athleticism.  More, however, was in store in the second game. Dummy Fuh Buh was able to catch its opponents off guard with key catches and successful throws. A key point in game two was when senior Alex Liua dropped his ball in order to catch another, which, although was a very heads up play, was against the rules, forcing him out of the game. Cluck Dynasty was down to their sole player, senior Sophia Hyver, who got out on an attempted catch.

With this win, the gym’s cheers crescendoed into a roar as it appeared that the possibility of an early first round exit for a heavy favorite was imminent. However, they were quickly silenced as Cluck Dynasty regained its composure and returned with a vengeance, leaving no trace of doubt of its dominance in game three.

Though one loss proved to be a small blip in the road for Cluck Dynasty, it may not be able to afford to do so again in a later round. Will another team be able to put the pressure on Cluck Dynasty early on and potentially derail its championship run? That remains to be seen.

Round one of dodgeball continues and finishes on Monday, while round two starts on Tuesday.