Badminton Competes at Annual Varsity Tournament

On Saturday, April 9, players from the badminton team competed in girls, boys and mixed doubles at the Annual Andrew Hills Varsity Tournament, where the winning pairs won on an individual basis. Junior Jasmine Xu and senior Mitch Seed placed third in mixed doubles.

In the upper bracket, a pair would win a match if it won two out of three sets. The team that scored 15 points first won the set. If a pair lost a match in the upper bracket, it moved down to the lower bracket. Each match in the lower bracket had only one set.

If a team lost in the lower bracket, it was eliminated; at the same time, the only way a team could be eliminated was if it lost two matches.

Jasmine and Mitch won three games in the upper bracket and lost the fourth game 7-15, 11-15 to the number one seeded mixed pair from Mission San Jose High School.

In the lower bracket, they won all four matches. In the last match, they played the same Mission team that eliminated them and won 15-6, which put them in the top three.

In the semi-finals, Jasmine and Mitch played against a team from James Logan High School and lost 7-15, 13-15.

The tournament lasted from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m.